1 (apagado) off
2 TEATRO offstage
voz en off voice offstage
* * *

en off — (Cine) off-screen; (Teat) offstage

pasa algo en off — (Cine) something happens off-screen

hay una discusión en off — there is an argument offstage

poner un aparato en off — to switch a machine off

ruido en off — background noise

voz 1)
* * *

en off — (loc adj/adv) (Teatr) offstage; (Cin) offscreen

* * *

en off — (loc adj/adv) (Teatr) offstage; (Cin) offscreen

* * *
en off (loc adj) (Teatr) offstage;
(Cin) offscreen
una voz en off nos recuerda sus palabras a voice offstage/offscreen reminds us of his words
en off (loc adv) (Teatr) offstage;
(Cin) offscreen
* * *
en off loc adj
voz en off Cine voice-over;
Teatro voice offstage
en off loc adv
se oyó en off una voz Teatro a voice was heard offstage;
Cine a voice-over was heard, a voice was heard offscreen
off the record loc adv
off the record
off line loc adv
Informát off line

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.


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